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1.450 Accomodations

accomodation hotel cabañas lodge chile travelFor any budget - from plain campgrounds to posh luxury hotels


Style Backpacker Chile is one of the top destinations for Backpackers

Surfer's Paradise

surf chile travelAt 4000 km pacific coastline, there's a wave for everyone.

Santiago de Chile

Santiago de ChileRight on top of the New York Times' 41 Places to Go in 2011

Getting There

AnreiseIt is a long way down to Chile - but it sure is worth it


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Destination Chile:

Pisco Elqui

The tomb of Chiles Nobel Prize Laureate Gabriela Mistral can be found here, but there's a popular belief among mystics that the middle of the earth is right here too. Interner Link more



If you want to get around in Chile, you will rely on several means of transportation, whether it may be public transportation or a cruise ship.
Driving in ChileDomestic Flights ChileOverland Coach ChileRail Travel Transport ChileBoats and Ferries in ChilePublic Transport in Chile

19 - Thermal Springs in Chile

Thermal Springs

Where volcanoes are, hot springs can't be far away. From north to south, thermal springs can be found throughout Chile.

10 - Chile: Curacautín


The small town at the entrance of the valley between the Tolhuaca, Lonquimay and Llaima is a good base for visits to the nearby Tolhuaca and Conguillío national parks.

5 - Nationalpark Cabo de Hornos

Cabo de Hornos National Parrk

Many places are named "end of the world", but only for a few it fits as undoubtedly as for Cape Horn, creating fear and terror among seafarers.

22 - Playa de Quiutil

Playa de Quiutil

One of the country's most beautiful beaches, on the wild western coast of Chiloé Island. Hike there from Cucao. Also known as Playa Colecole

Metropolregion Santiago de Chile

Santiago Metro Area

With more than 5 Million inhabitants, Santiago is the undisputed metropolis of Chile. One of three Chileans lives here, and the capital has outgrown far beyond the the territory of the Comuna de Santiago.

San Pedro de Atacama

San Pedro de Atacama

The Oasis is one of the highlights of a trip to Chile and the touristic center of the Atacama region, offering numerous sights in its vicinity.

Torres del Paine National Park Chile

Torres del Paine National Park

The granite pinnacles of Torres del Paine National Park are a favourite guidebook cover for Chile. The country's most famous national park is on top of the list for almost every tourist

Route Carretera Austral


Wir haben hier einige Vorschläge für Reiserouten durch Chile zusammengestellt - dabei sind Kurztrips in den Städten, Touren durch die Regionen oder auch Reisen quer durch das ganze Land.

Reiseroute Carretera Austral

Carretera Austral

Traumstraße durch den Süden: auf über 1.200 km führt die Carretera durch einige der spektakulärsten Landschaften Chiles.

Routes Chiloe Island

Chiloé Island

Chile's little Ireland: Chiloé Island has its very own flair - and can be discovered on a round trip.

Reiserouten Litoral Central

Litoral Central

Quite worth a visit: The coastal region around Valparaíso and Viña del Mar, from north to south.

ferry ship boat cruise chile

Maritime Transport

With some 4000 miles of coastline, ferries are an important means of transportation - particularly in southern Chile.

rental car chile


If you want to be flexible while travelling in Chile and head to more remote places, you may want to consider a rental car.


Domestic Flights

Given the enormous distances in Chile, domestic flights are a good option to avoid long surface travel, particularly if you're heading to the far north or Patagonia.


Rail Travel

A few railroad tracks that are interesting for tourists still remain in Chile.
(Foto: El Sheik / flickr)

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The Chile Travel Information Portal

Find more the 2.400 links to hotels, sights and touristic services here.

Dazu Beschreibungen der wichtigsten Orte (unter anderem San Pedro de Atacama, Santiago, Valparaíso, Osterinsel, Pucón, Punta Arenas) und Nationalparks (La Campana, Conguillío, Villarrica, Chiloé, Puyehue, Torres del Paine) und vielen weiteren Orten sowie praktische Reisetipps.

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